We believe that

Profound change is possible when we tap into our courage.

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First and foremost, we are therapists in Scarsdale who offer quality, individualized care to each person we work with.

Second, it takes a lot of courage to consider starting therapy and we understand this can be a difficult process.

Third, we are here to help. We pride ourselves in being responsive, supportive, and collaborative!

Life can be overwhelming.

You may feel stuck, alone or unable to achieve your goals.You may have tried various things to dislodge this fear from taking hold.  

Fear of being stuck in a cycle of being constantly overwhelmed by your emotions.  Fear that you are alone and no one understands what you are going through. 

But things don’t have to be this way!

With the right help you will find that profound change is possible and that you can be free of this weight on top of you.

Overwhelmed man therapist in Scarsdale could help

Therapy can help.

Stress, pain and suffering can arise from our daily lives. Importantly, they are your body’s reaction to anxieties, pressures and unknowns.

Sometimes, one thing triggers the onset but more often it is the heaping on of one thing after another.

  • Starting a new job (the unknown)
  • Trying to manage school, work, a job and a romantic relationship (pressures)
  • Reading the news (unknowns & anxieties)
  • A final at school (anxieties and pressure) 

Therapy can provide the support you need to experience true lasting change.

Therapy can help you learn to see your emotions in a different way. Also, to help you get some space so they don’t overpower you. 

When you can begin to experience them in a healthy way, properly work through them…then you are able to let them go! Now you can feel the weight is lifted off, and that you are back in control of your life, able to steer it where you want.

When you are able to take control, you will see yourself differently.  You will see yourself as confident, courageous and able to take on any of life’s challenges.

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Time and time again, we have helped people create true, long-lasting changes in their lives, so they can experience life for the better.

It’s your time too, and it starts with reaching out to one of our therapists in Scarsdale.

If you are ready to let go of your emotional turmoil and regain confidence in your life, we are ready to guide you on your journey!

Give us a call at 914-809-5800 or book a free 15 minute consultation below.

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We started with one goal: to support our fellow courageous humans reach toward their best selves.

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  • We are highly trained and educated clinicians who use our wide experience to meet you where you are
  • Our background includes years of leadership experience where we have used our expert knowledge to train other clinicians
  • We offer online counseling, offering the best flexibility for sessions that fit with your schedule
  • Our main focus is to help you reach your goals as quickly as possible 
  • We understand the unique culture of Westchester and NYC because we are local therapists in Scarsdale, NY
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