Therapy for Young Adults and College Students

Unknowns. Confusion. Expectations. Fear of failure.

You are trying to navigate real life struggles and the stakes are higher than ever before.  

You feel overwhelmed, frozen by constant expectations and unknowns… 

You fear letting the people you love down.  You fear letting yourself down.

Anxiety, depression, embarrassment and fear of failure take up a permanent place in your thoughts and you just want a break from all the pressure!

You may have thoughts like…


“Why does it seem easy for everyone else?”

“Will people really accept me?”

“Can I handle this?”

“What if I’m not good enough?”

Having these experiences and thoughts are exhausting and it can be tough to see light at the end of the tunnel. 

You know that you want to find a calm center, but you don’t know how..

The truth is you can find those calm waters. ​

With the right help, you can master tools to completely alter your outlook on life. This is the time to make changes and develop habits that will set you up for the rest of your life.

And therapy can make it happen.

Why is being a young adult so hard?

There are so many changes that happen in young adulthood.  

  • Mentally,  you find yourself juggling competing demands and having to take on more and more.
  • Physically, your brain is still developing and your body is still growing.   
  • Emotionally, you are plunged into experiences that deepen your emotional well but you are not given the tools to manage them.  

All the while, you are trying to come to terms with all of these changes and learn who you are as a person. 

Add to that the responsibilities and expectations of school, work, relationships, deadlines, and it can feel like there isn’t enough of you to achieve all you are being asked to do.

We are here to help!

Therapy can help you identify the root of your feelings of being overwhelmed.

Whether it’s stress about school, relationships, identity or work we can help you identify where you feel stuck, get unstuck, and get confidence in your ability to move forward.

When this happens, your mind will be able to find calm. 

You will feel more at home and at peace in your body.  

Emotions will no longer define your life but instead inform your response and then you will be able to let them go.

You will spend more time doing the things you love and live life looking forward to the unknowns and beautiful potentials they can bring. 

At Cultivating Courage Psychological Services, we specialize in working with young adults and college students. We know what its like and have helped hundreds of students find a better life.

So if you are ready to begin making those changes, schedule a 15-minute free consultation by contacting us below.