Having a space where you can explore all the aspects of you is a rare experience. 

When was the last time you worked on your relationship with yourself? 

If you know yourself, you are able to accurately identify your needs, thoughts, and emotions. 

This clarity allows you to effectively tackle problematic thoughts and behaviors that are inhibiting you from living a full life. 

You may feel that you want to make changes to your life, but are unsure where to begin.

This can lead to feeling lost or stuck

You may know what you want life to look like but are unsure how to get there. 

This can be frustrating and may leave you feeling hopeless

It’s in these moments that you need someone who can provide a map to help you reach these goals.

Oftentimes a person knows the pieces that make them unique.

However, it can be hard to put these pieces together so that you feel whole.

Putting a puzzle together is hard without knowing the image. 

Team of people putting puzzle pieces of huge head together [Converted]

Person-centered therapy allows you to see the bigger picture so that all the puzzle pieces can be put together.

As humans, we spend a lot of time in our thoughts and we are constantly learning about ourselves and the world around us.

Sometimes your mind can get stuck in unhelpful patterns. These unhelpful patterns then distort the way you see yourself and change the way you act. 

Person-centered therapy helps you get unstuck from those unhelpful patterns and addresses the underlying problem so your thoughts and behaviors feel more aligned with your own morals, beliefs and desires. 

This alignment leads to feeling grounded, confident and courageous.

You take an active role in your treatment.

  • Person-centered therapy is designed so that you lead the conversation in therapy based on what feels important to you. 

  • The therapist works as an exploratory guide leading you to a better understanding of what is going on for you. This guidance is often done through gentle reflection and with open, nonjudgmental curiosity.

  • This type of therapy is focused on wholeness. It focuses on all aspects of your life in order to help facilitate growth and restore balance.

You are capable of fulfilling your potential.

You may be scared of spending time getting to know yourself and of actually making changes to feel better. Sometimes staying in your current distressed state can feel more comfortable than pursuing the possibility of achieving your potential.

The first step is the scariest and the most rewarding.

You’ll find that this type of therapy is a very gentle approach to change and that you are in control of what change feels important to you. 

Person-centered therapy is a wonderful option for you if you want a more active role in therapy. This type of therapy also easily allows for the integration of other types of skills based therapies to tailor to your needs and goals.  

Reach out to us if you are ready to pursue your potential through gentle and non-judgmental guidance.

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