About Us

We are glad you are here!

Being here means you have taken the first step
in the courageous act of seeking support.

Cultivating Courage Psychological Services was started with one goal:

To support our fellow courageous humans reach toward their best selves

Is there a goal we could help you achieve to make that possible for you?

As providers, Elizabeth and Moriah are both person-centered.  

We believe in authenticity and we believe change is possible.  

We believe that change is possible for you.

Together, we have a wealth of experience helping others make courageous acts of change.  We are so impressed by that act that we put in our name.  Cultivating Courage.  

We hope to be the cultivators to your courageous journey.

Besides that, we are two red-heads who love living in New York.

Learn more about Moriah & Elizabeth by reading their About Me Page.  If you think that we are the right fit for your courageous journey please click below.