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Isolation. Shame. Guilt.

Having an eating disorder is a painful and lonely experience. 

Eating disorders are destructive from the inside out, slowly chipping away at who you are and want to be as a person. 

It takes you away from all the things and people you once enjoyed.

You deserve to not be at war with your body and food. 

It is possible to be able to attend social functions and be focused on the people around you instead of how others might be perceiving you. 

It is possible to have a relationship with food and your body that is neutral or even good.

Having an eating disorder is not a choice. 

  • Eating disorders are the deadliest of any disorder in the mental health field. 
  • Unfortunately, society glorifies some eating disorders but does not realize their seriousness or cause. 
  • There is a genetic component of having an eating disorder and an eating disorder comes online as a form of protection in the beginning, until it starts killing you.

Time to reclaim you!

Through therapy with a skilled clinician, you can learn the tools to disrupt eating disorder behaviors and thoughts. 

From there, it is often helpful to trace back to the origin of the eating disorder. 

We need to know where it came from so that we can make repairs to the foundation before building the new you on top. 

It’s normal that you are not sure who the new you will be. Rest assured, the new you will be the true you.

Life will be full of fun and joy again!

You will find that the new you is someone who is living life and not just existing and moving through the world floating and disconnected.

You won’t be preoccupied with all the thoughts about your body, food, weight, shape, and fear of judgment.

You will be able to have meaningful, reciprocal relationships.

It is possible to achieve recovery and a full life with help.

However, you cannot think yourself out of an eating disorder. 

You need help to challenge your eating disorder behaviors and thoughts, while simultaneously holding space for emotions to come back online.

There is nothing a client can say regarding an eating disorder that would surprise us.

There is nothing shameful about having an eating disorder.

We all need someone in our corner and this is especially true when you are struggling with an eating disorder.

We create a safe place where you can land and talk about the hard things.

Above all else, remember that recovery from an eating disorder is possible.

A full life is possible, free of pain. 

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At Cultivating Courage Psychological Services, we specialize in working with individuals suffering from an eating disorder. We have over a decade combined experience helping individuals achieve recovery from their eating disorders.

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