Elizabeth Harwood

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

EMDR Certified Therapist

We say it in our name.

Cultivating Courage. 


Courageous Acts. 

That’s what I believe it takes to say I need help and the willingness to seek it out. 

I’m glad you are here and I want to help you to achieve the changes in your life you are looking for.  

One of my favorite things to say as a therapist is that I believe it is my job to work myself out of a job.  

It’s my job, starting with the first session, to help you start achieving your goals.

I enjoy being that support system you need, when you need it, while focusing on helping you to develop the tools to forge ahead without me in the future. 

Some of my biggest tools used in therapy?

EMDR online
  • Empathy
  • Connection 
  • Humor
  • Collaboration
  • Curiosity
  • Authenticity

If you are interested, what does the process of signing up look like?


First, a consultation call.  You can reach out for a consultation call by clicking the button at the top of the menu.  During this call we discuss why you are reaching out and if we are a good fit.


If we both agree to move forward, then I send you a link to your own personal client portal with necessary paperwork and a general intake form.  If you are struggling to fill it out, or need support in doing so, we can also work on them together during the first session.


The first session will be a continuation of getting to know you, your goals and devising a treatment plan together of how we are going to work towards achieving your goals. We will continue to check in with those goals and adjust them if needed!

From there, we work together. I will emphasize work, because therapy takes work.

And it’s worth it.

I have seen how therapy has transformed individuals, couples and families I have worked with.

What treatment modalities do you use as a therapist?

First off, I use an integrative person-centered approach, meaning, through the depth of my experience and training I am able to use different styles and treatments together to really meet a client where they are.  

My go to treatment modalities are:

  • Certified in EMDR
  • Emotionally Focused Therapy
  • Structural and Narrative Family Therapy

I used these and other modalities because they are evidence-based models that impact change.  And most importantly, I have seen positive transformations happen using these modalities. 

It’s why I keep using them, because they help people.

When is the right time to start therapy?

I will reflect that question back to you by asking two questions: 

    1. Are there changes you want to make in your life?  
    2. Are you ready to start working towards making those changes a reality?

If the answers are yes to both then I’m ready to help!

Why are you a therapist?

Simply put, I saw people struggling and I didn’t know how to help.  I explored a couple different avenues of helping others in the world and came to the conclusion that being a therapist best utilizes my strengths for relationship building and empathy.  

Since then, I have seen just how much a person’s life can change when they have the right support system in place.  

What are your qualifications?

  • I have a Master of Science in Social Work from Columbia University
  • I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in New York
  • I am Certified in EMDR, received specialty training in Trauma, Grief & Complicated Grief, EFT and Sandplay

What are you like outside of therapy?

I’m the same human in and out of being a therapist.  But when I’m not doing therapy, I read (a lot), I like going on long walks, finding creative outlets, cheering on the Georgia Bulldogs, and spending time with my friends and family.

What now?

By looking at this website, it tells me that you are starting to recognize changes you want to make and exploring ways you might go about making them.  If you feel, after reading this, that I will be able to help you on that journey please set up a free 15-minute consultation below.

Most importantly I want you to find the support you need, even if it’s not with me.  I encourage you to keep reaching for it. 

It would be a privilege and honor to work with you.