Feeling disconnected?

Maybe you just started feeling the tension in your closest relationships.  

Or maybe it has been going on for a long time. 

The fracture may be small in size or may feel like it’s threatening your very foundation.   

This conflict leaves you feeling anxious and upset

Your muscles and body are tight just thinking about the next fight. 

You rub your temples and feel lost. 

You’ve sought help from friends, read books, listened to podcasts but there is still an underlying tension that threatens your most important relationships.

Add the stress at work, the deadlines at school, and trying to manage the tension at home and it feels like it’s too much to handle

Family and couples conflict impacts the vast majority of relationships in America. It can take an outside perspective and supporter to find the core cause of the conflict and direct the establishment of new patterns.

Because this relationship is so important to you, it can make it harder to see the path out of struggle.

Family and couples therapy can help you to have a new perspective of the conflict and explore solutions to dissolve the tension.

A therapist can help you understand the patterns that created the challenges and help you craft a map of how to to get out of them.

There is a saying, “missing the forest for the trees.”

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In close relationships, we can become too focused on the “trees,” or the individual problems, and miss the forest or the path leading out of it.  

Our job as a family and couples therapist is to see both the trees and the forest.  

It is important to see each person individually, the problems (the trees) that exist and the patterns (the forest).

We help you detangle it all and find connection again.

Our goal is to help you identify the core of what is creating the conflict and develop the tools to work through them, together.

What does it look like after family and couples therapy?

Happy big family standing together and smiling
  • Reconnecting with each other
  • Better expressing gratitude and appreciation 
  • Learning how to better listen to each other’s needs
  • Learning how to address problems together
  • Having confidence in your ability to be a team even in the face of hardships

We know that asking for help can be hard and makes you feel vulnerable.

Through our years of experience in helping, hundreds of families find joy in their connection and safety in their relationships.

We know we can help you too.

So if you are tired of the tensions and stress that impact your most important relationships and want support in making important changes to those dynamics, we are here to help.

If you are ready to begin making those changes, schedule a 15-minute free consultation by contacting us below.