Therapy for Teens

Anxious. Isolated. Spinning out of control.

There are many changes happening at a rapid pace.

There’s so much to handle and understand and you feel overwhelmed, alone and depressed.

You may have tried different coping mechanisms but discover that they only provide temporary relief.  

You feel lost and unable to find the direction. 

The pressure of everything looms over you and you are frightened and unsure of how to navigate through the storm.

You may have thoughts like…


“I’m not sure who I am”

“I feel depressed and I can’t seem to shake it.”

“I’m so ashamed I don’t know how I can be around other people again.”

If you have had these thoughts or feelings, you know that they impact your daily life.  

Maybe you haven’t been able to get out of bed or have canceled on friends.  

Maybe you keep trying to find the right solution only to watch as things spin more and more out of control.  

These experiences are hard and living with these intense emotions is exhausting.

You want something different.  A change.  You want an escape from the jungle of anxieties and worries that keep you from living the life that you want.

Change is possible.

Why is being a teenager so hard?

Honestly, there is nothing easy about being a teenager.  

  • Mental and physical changes are all happening while on a heightened emotional roller-coaster.  
  • Priorities are shifting and the risks come with more serious consequences. 
  • The resources available through friends or the internet can lead to more self-destructive behaviors and do not fix your problem.  
self-care best selves

Therapy can help.

Therapy can help you to learn how to manage your emotions and better understand yourself.  

It can help you feel confident that someone is there to listen and help you work through the tangled mess of life.

Whether it is social anxiety, relationship struggles, school stress, fracturing families— it’s important to have the right support in your corner. 

By learning the tools and techniques to work through the emotional chaos, you can find the courage and confidence to be your authentic self.

Courage and confidence are essential as you continue towards big life decisions of college, careers and relationships.  

Courage will help you take on new ventures and confidence will help you feel at peace as you are making big decisions and facing new problems.

At Cultivating Courage Psychological Services, we specialize in working with teens. We know what it’s like (we’ve been there) and have helped hundreds of teens find their best selves.

If you are ready to take the next step in having the support you need to help you steer through your struggles, contact us below to schedule a free 15-minute consultation.