Therapy for Anxiety and Panic

Worry. Fear. What-ifs. Stress.

Does your brain always feel like it’s running? 

Does your body feel like it’s constantly bracing for something bad to happen?

Anxiety takes up space in your brain and can make you feel sick. 

Worry thoughts often impair our ability to work, relax, and make connections with other people. 

Anxiety and stress can make us physically ill which leads to missing work or fun activities. 

All the what-ifs can be overwhelming and paralyzing.

Anxiety is not a permanent state of being, although it can feel like that at times.

Anxiety is something that can be managed and, with the right help, decrease over time. 

It is possible to wake up and go to sleep without your mind racing and your body feeling relaxed. 

It is possible to move through stressful situations instead of getting stuck on them. 

Anxiety is important for us to feel. It is there to keep us safe.

self-care best selves

For example, anxiety would be a helpful call to action if facing a saber-tooth tiger. 

It becomes a problem when our brain isn’t correctly identifying dangers. 

A paper due for class or a social event isn’t a saber-tooth tiger, but sure can feel like it to those struggling with anxiety. Struggling with anxiety can impact the way you see yourself, others and the world.

The world doesn’t need to be a scary place.

Therapy can help you...

  • Challenge anxiety-driven thoughts and beliefs.
  • Learn a toolbox of skills to use when anxiety pops up in your everyday life. 
  • Engage with techniques to help relax your body
  • Change your unhelpful thoughts 
  • Build in self-care to minimize the recurrence of anxiety symptoms in the future 

You will slowly start to notice that your mind works differently or that moving through your day isn’t quite so hard when you start to tackle your anxiety with a therapist. 

You’ll regain a relationship with your body that is easy and tension-free. 

You’ll notice that your thoughts slow down

You’ll begin to believe that the future can be exciting and hopeful.

Helping people reclaim their lives is our passion

Working with clients over the years, we have seen many people move from worried to calm and happy. 

We use a collaborative approach so that we make sure to tailor the tools to your specific worries or fears. 

It can be so hard to imagine life without worries and what-ifs. 

These worries are not silly or something you can wish away.

Reaching out for help can be hard, but living life in anxiety can be harder.


Anxiety doesn’t need to stop you from living your best life any longer. 

It’s possible to live a life where stressors don’t put a stop to your day and deprive you of sleep.

Please reach out below for a free 15-minute consultation if you are ready to let go of anxiety and say hello to calm!