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Exhausted. Stuck. That pit in your stomach.

You keep reliving that memory over and over again.

Your muscles are tense, you cannot seem to get your body to relax; your emotions are on hyperdrive

It’s hard to focus, you are overwhelmed and unsure if you will ever find that inner peace again.

You may have thoughts like…

  • “Why did this happen to me?”
  • “Will I ever be able to move on from this?”
  • “Why does this still have control over my life?”

If you have these or similar thoughts and feelings then past trauma continues to play a major role in your current life.  

Living with trauma is exhausting and takes a toll on every aspect of your life.

You want to move on.  You want to not think about it anymore.  You do not want to relive these memories, but you can’t seem to shake them.  

But the truth is you can move on.

You can be free of these thoughts. You don’t have to keep reliving the memories and you can take back control.

We are here to help!

Therapy, specifically EMDR therapy, is an evidenced based model that has proven to help clients rewire their brain to process past events and truly move on with their lives.  

Whether it is a single-incident trauma or recurring trauma, EMDR helps get at the root of where your brain gets stuck and enables you to take back control over your life.

By finding your “stuck point” and working through it, you can finally start to truly heal and move forward.

Once your brain and body is able to move on:

  • Your thoughts will no longer center on the trauma
  • The memories of it will become less clear and sharp in your mind
  • Tour body will relax and you’ll be fully present in your life again

You can actually enjoy the day without your mind constantly thinking back to the trauma.

 You’ll be free to wake up knowing your life is now better, and you can actually look forward to it!

You can experience life better. It just takes the right guide to help you make it happen. 

And we can be those guides for you.

It just takes reaching out to get started. 

If you are ready to be free of the trauma taking over your life & experience life differently, then we're ready to help!

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