Improve your mood right now with these 5 things

Are you looking to improve your mood?

Have you had a hard day? Maybe you are stressed or feeling down? 

Here are five things you can do right now that may help you turn your day around. 

1. Smile- even if you don’t mean it!

Smiling actually tells the brain to release feel good chemicals.* Try it for one minute and see if you notice any differences. 

2. Wiggle your body- your mood and body are connected!

Wiggle out the emotions stored in your muscles. In fact, the big and sillier the wiggles the better.

3. Use your imagination- we all need a little escape sometimes!

Look up a picture of a destination you think you would enjoy (a forest, the side of a canyon, a luxurious house). Now try to really put yourself in the picture. What would you smell? What’s the temperature? What sounds would you hear? 

4. Assess your needs- take care of your basic needs to improve your mood.

Sometimes it’s hard to pay attention to your basic needs when you are feeling down or stressed. Are you thirsty or hungry? Do you need to stretch or move your body? Do you need to take a deep breath? Would shower or bath be helpful?

5. Prioritize- what actually needs to happen right now?

It’s easy for your brain to pile on tasks when emotions or stress is high. However, not everything needs to happen right now. Make a list of all the tasks running through your brain and actually sort out what can wait.

Lastly, it’s important that you find the things that work for you! What would you add to this list to improve your mood? 

*Marmolejo-ramos F, Murata A, Sasaki K, et al. Your Face and Moves Seem Happier When I Smile. Exp Psychol. 2020;67(1):14-22. doi:10.1027/1618-3169/a000470

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