15 Self-Care Ideas

Hard day?

In a stressful and time-constrained world, self-care is essential.  But, it doesn’t need to be just another thing on your to-do list.  In fact, it is important that your self-care helps to energize and not deplete you.  Notice, that many of these ideas can be done in a few minutes or over many hours.  In short, find what fits and benefits your day.

Now, take a look at the 15 ideas for self-care below.  Remember, everyone is different and that your self-care may differ from someone else’s.  For that reason, notice what ideas bring you joy as well as notice what you feel is missing from the list.  Then add those ideas to yours.

15 self-care ideas

1.   Organize your room or part of your room

2.   Go for a walk outside

3.   Take a few minutes to plan out your day

4.   Read for fun

5.   Make plans to meet up with a friend

6.   Take a moment to hydrate

7.   Prioritize a sleep routine

8.   Practice Gratitude (see gratitude blog)

9.   Play your favorite song

10. Take a shower or a bubble bath

11.  Make a home-cooked meal

12. Play games with a friend or solo

13. Draw, color, or create

14. Practice meditation (for self-compassion mediations click here).

15. Call, text, or reach out to a loved one

After reading, what would you add to this list?  What other self-care ideas bring you joy?   

Lastly, do you need motivation?  Invite a friend to do a 7-day self-care challenge where you agree to intentionally do at least one self-care item each day.  Then, report back on how it impacted you.

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