EMDR Certified

EMDR Certified Therapist – What does that mean? EMDR trained and EMDR certified therapists require hours of training and commitment.  They are passionate about working with individuals who had their lives impacted by trauma and seek to make changes in their lives.  Now, let’s look at the different requirements for and EMDR trained and EMDR […]

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I have been contemplating mindfulness this week.  One reason is that I practice Iyengar Yoga with local community members once a week.  On the last week of the month, it is restorative yoga.  For those of you new to yoga terms, restorative yoga focuses on lighter and more supported stretches while focusing on your breathing. 

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Taking breaks

This blog post on taking breaks was inspired by feeling stuck writing a blog post!  Taking a Break Last week, I sat at my computer to write a blog post.  A few topics came to mind, but none of my ideas developed further.  It is important to note, that it was Friday and I really

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