Worry Thoughts Eclipsing Joy

With the solar eclipse fast approaching, I could not resist using it as a metaphor for worry thoughts! And who doesn’t love a pun?!

NASA defines a solar eclipse as when the moon passes between the sun and the earth at just the right time.  As a result, the light from the sun is blocked, partially or fully, and changes as time passes and where you are at the time of the event. Worry thoughts are the moon in this metaphor. The sun is joy and the earth is you.

If you struggle with worry thoughts, then you know that these can be anywhere from all-consuming or mildly irritating. At times, you can see the light. At others, you are surrounded by darkness with only the faintest glow on the periphery. 

Worry thoughts are a symptom of anxiety.


Did you know that worry thoughts usually focus on the future “what ifs?” It is hard to be present when you focus on the what-ifs. This means that you are missing out on moments of joy. 

You limit your interaction with the world and others when you focus on your worry thoughts. Consequently, your life can to feel lonely. Additionally, opportunities for joy are easily missed when your world shrinks to the size of your own internal experience. 

Challenge these worry thoughts.

Tell them to stop. Feel your feet on the ground. Take a deep breath. 

Sometimes, this can be enough to see the light again and experience moments of joy.

You have opportunities to experience joy everyday. Examples of little moments include: watching the fog roll in over the Palisades, taking your first sip of coffee, petting your cat, and cozying up under your favorite blanket. Well, at least these were my little moments of joy so far today. There are also the big moments of joy like getting good news, having a supportive conversation with a loved one, and playing a game.

Don’t let worry thoughts eclipse your joy any longer. A great way to practice is to ask yourself, “what are your moments of joy today?”  

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