EMDR Certified

EMDR Certified Therapist - What does that mean?

EMDR trained and EMDR certified therapists require hours of training and commitment.  They are passionate about working with individuals who had their lives impacted by trauma and seek to make changes in their lives.  Now, let’s look at the different requirements for and EMDR trained and EMDR certified therapist.

EMDR Trained Therapist

An EMDR trained therapist is required to have at least 20 hours of training, 20 hours of practicum and 10 hours of supervision.  During those hours of training and supervision an EMDR therapist learns the EMDR model.  Additionally, they learn the EMDR framework, case conceptualization, treatment planning and execution of EMDR in clinical practice (https://www.emdria.org/emdr-training/).  It’s important to note, that the vast majority of EMDR therapist are EMDR trained therapists.

EMDR Certified Therapist

EMDR Certified Therapist

An EMDR Certified Therapist is someone who chose to go beyond basic training and is committed to growing and developing their EMDR skills.  Certification in EMDR includes at least 20 additional hours of consultation and 12 additional hours of training.  In addition, EMDR Certified Therapists submit letters of recommendation and verify they have been practicing EMDR for over 2 years and with over 50 different clients.  Also, EMDR Certified therapists commit to continued training, verified every two years.  (https://www.emdria.org/emdr-training/emdr-certification-2/.

Why did you choose to get certified in EMDR?

Simply, I see EMDR work for my clients.  Because of that, I endeavor to seek training to match my client’s commitment for change to support them to reach their goals.

What were you big takeaways from the certification process?

First, I am more energized about the work as I learn and grow! 

Second, I am more equipped to navigate clients through the tangled web of complex trauma. 

Third, this work is best through continued training and collaboration.  For example, just the act of preparing a case conceptualization helps to clearly identify patterns and goals for my client.

Lastly, the more I do this work, the more respect, awe and admiration I have for the individuals who do the hard work required to make lasting positive changes in their lives.

Reach out if you want to learn more about EMDR Certification.  One of the first things I tell my clients is: I am a nerd who loves to read, listen to podcasts, and continue to learn.  As a result, that is true of EMDR too!

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