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“Self-compassion is a way of emotionally recharging our batteries. Rather than becoming drained by helping others, self-compassion allows us to fill up our internal reserves, so that we have more to give to those who need us.” – Dr. Kristin Neff Self-Compassion is a topic that comes up with most clients I work with.  In a …

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Connection, Break and Repair: A Natural Relationship Cycle

Connection, break and repair are part of a natural cycle we go through in every relationship, even with ourselves!  In his research, John Gottman found that this cycle and how we move through it in a relationship can help predict the longevity of the relationship. CONNECTION “Successful long-term relationships are created through small words, small …

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Teens, Mental Health, and the Developing Brain

Being a teenager comes with many challenges. During this time we are met with an increasingly challenging academic workload, navigating more complex social interactions and relationships, striving for autonomy, and managing changes in the body, to name a few. The brain of an adolescent is growing and changing. These changes lead to emotional maturation and …

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5 Love Languages

We do relationship and family work at Cultivating Courage Psychological Services.  One of the tools we use to help increase connection is love languages.  Dr. Gary Chapman identified five primary love languages: quality time, words of affirmation, acts of service, physical touch and gifts.*  People typically like to primarily receive and show love in one or …

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