I Highly Recommend This Book

I highly recommend this book!

I “warn” most of my clients, before I begin working with them, that I am a book nerd and it is very likely that they will hear about books I’ve read or podcasts I’ve listened to that may relate to their concerns.  In doing so, I have noticed that I recommend several books over and over again. Below are the four books that I read and recommended the most in 2023 that I will continue recommending in 2024.  (Most of these books I have written individual blogs about, which I will link to below).

Platonic by Dr. Marisa Franco

This book addresses loneliness and relationships.  Its general premise is that we should look more towards community building to meet our relationship needs.  In brief, this book gives great insight into individual attachment styles and responses and practical advice on how to go about basic relationship concerns such as conflict.  Emphatically, I recommend this book to anyone who is looking to improve their relationships and grow their community.

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Every Memory Deserves Respect by Michael Baldwin and Dr. Deborah Korn

Next, I highly recommend this book to anyone considering EMDR or who wants to understand more about it.  This book is co-written by an individual who utilized EMDR to recover from trauma in his past and a clinician who provides EMDR.  Without reservation, it is the most accessible book on EMDR I have read.  Additionally, it includes visuals for individuals who make stronger visual connections!

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Peak Mind by Dr. Amishi Jha

Dr. Amishi Jha lays out what attention is, how it works, and how mindfulness practice can help us elevate our ability to be present and be more aware of how our attention is being used.  Thoughtfully, she shares a blend of research and practical advice on how to get a mindfulness practice started.  Of note, my favorite advice is to think of the amount of time you feel you can commit to starting the practice, cut it in half, and start there!  Importantly, I highly recommend this book to anyone who is looking to start a mindfulness practice.

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The Burnout Workbook by Dr. Emily Nagasaki and Dr. Amelia Nagasaki

One of the chief complaints I hear from clients is feeling overwhelmed or burnt out.  Previously, I had read the Drs. Nagaski’s book Burnout, Burnout, Burnout and was both entertained and appreciative of their research, insight, and guidance on how to address Burnout.  Furthermore, their new workbook is an even more practice guide, and I continue to recommend it to clients who are looking to address the overwhelm in their lives.

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As always feel free to ask me, “what are you reading now?”

Here is to more highly recommended book finds in 2024!

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