November is a month where gratitude comes to the forefront and we are grateful for it!  Practicing gratitude has many psychological benefits, including lowering stress levels and increasing feelings of happiness, patience, compassion, contentedness and openness.  If you are wanting to practice more gratitude but are struggling where to start, here are ten ideas for practicing gratitude:

  1. Keeping a daily gratitude journal 
  2. Writing a letter of thanks to a meaningful person in your life
  3. Taking a moment to enjoy nature
  4. Taking a moment to express gratitude to a love one
  5. Share a picture on social media for something that you are grateful for
  6. Show someone your gratitude through an act of service, quality time or nurturing that relationship
  7. Cook a favorite meal and share it co-workers, friends or someone in need
  8. Pay attention to how people help you during your day (i.e. opening a door, supporting you at work, making a meal) and express thanks to them
  9. Make a gratitude collage of things you are grateful for and post it on your fridge or somewhere you will see it
  10. My personal favorite: keeping a calendar where you write 1-3 things you are grateful for daily

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