The Power of Routine

What is your morning or nighttime routine?

Having a routine to open and close your day can be very grounding and rewarding. Routines provide predictability which can help ease anxiety and stress.

How do you set the tone for your day? 

    • A gentle stretch? 
    • A cup of coffee, tea, or cocoa? 
    • A warm shower? 

What are some tiny goals that you can meet at the beginning of your day? 

    • Eating a balanced breakfast? 
    • Making the bed? 
    • Starting the dishwasher? 

How do you wrap up your day? 

    • Making time to journal and reflect? 
    • Watching your favorite show? 
    • Reading a book?

Take a moment to think about your routine and what you would like to add to it. The holidays are a stressful time and keeping a routine can help you ride the waves of emotion because you know you will have a time and space that is yours.