Body Image Tips and Tricks

  1. Stay away from the scale – as a matter of fact, get rid of it! If your weight needs to be monitored, leave that up to the doctors. Don’t let how much you weigh affect your self-esteem or sense of who you are.
  2. If you struggle with getting dressed in the morning, try doing everything else you need to before you get dressed. Give yourself just enough time to dress before needing to leave the house. 
  3. Before you look in the mirror, think optimistically. When you start your day, decide how you are feeling before going to the mirror. No one looks good with bed-head and our mods aren’t determined by the reflection we see. Start your day with self –affirmations, relax in a hot shower, think of all the positive ways you will cope with any stresses of the day ahead and think of the things you have to be thankful for in your life… only then are you more prepared to face yourself with pride. 
  4. Pick out a limited number of outfits the night before and only allow yourself to choose from these in the morning. This can help cut down on body checking. 
  5. Shower with the lights off or cover mirrors in the bathroom to decrease body checking. 
  6. Take a supportive friend or family member shopping with you. This individual can help you see positive things about your appearance that you can’t see for yourself. 
  7. Take a range of sizes into the dressing room with you. When trying the clothes on, shut your eyes and concentrate on how the clothes feel. Which item is the most comfortable? 
  8. While you are clothes shopping, try to concentrate on the colors you like more than on the size. Remember that just like there is more to you as a person than the number on the scale, there is also more to you than the clothing size you wear. 
  9. Keep in mind that clothing sizes vary from one brand to another and from one item to another. You deserve better than to let the number on a tag make you feel bad about yourself. 
  10. Have a plan for leaving a store if you become overwhelmed. Plan a meeting place if you are shopping with others.