For Professionals: 7 Types of Hunger Worksheet

Hello fellow providers! 

This resource is yours to use and modify in the way that fits best with your practice. 

I found it hard to find resources about the types of hunger that were suitable to use when working with clients with eating disorders. It is a simple worksheet originally created to be used in a group setting. 

The original use was designed for the clinician to provide clients the definitions of each type of hunger and facilitate a conversation around these definitions. Then, clients have the space to identify real world examples specific to their hunger. The therapeutic intervention is built into the worksheet by asking the client to identify what the eating disorder does with each type of hunger. Some example questions I would use to guide clients on how to fill this part out include: Does it glorify it? Is it shaming? Has it muted this type of hunger? What are the messages the eating disorder has about this type of hunger that they have adopted from family, friends, media, diet culture, etc.? 

Hopefully this resource is helpful in being able to do a little bit of a deeper dive into types of hunger with your clients. 

All the best, Moriah.