Scarsdale Self-care Day Ideas

Taking a day or even a moment to prioritize your needs and re-energize is great for your mental health. In and near Scarsdale, there are some wonderful options to make a whole day out of self-care. 

4 Scarsdale activities

1. Scarsdale Public Library

The library offers many educational and fun resources and experiences. The library serves its community by providing all of these resources for free. Check out their events calendar to see if there is of interest for you. Don’t forget to get your library card if you don’t have one in order to take advantage of what the library has to offer. Check out their calendar here

2. Take a walk

Enjoy the fall colors. Take a deep breath. People watch by taking a stroll through downtown Scarsdale. Get a little time in nature by walking or biking on the Bronx River Pathway or visit the Weinberg Nature Center

3. Window shop in the Village

Get curious about the neighborhood and discover something new. The village has many shop to explore and beautiful architecture to look at. 

4. Embodied experiences

Check out the local hair or nail salon for a fresh cut or refreshing manicure/pedicure. There are also some wonderful spa options in nearby towns.

cat nap Scarsdale therapy

*This self-care message is whole-heartedly supported by experts in self-care, our Chief Observation Officer, Boo, and Chief Cuddle Officer, Chunk. A cat nap is always a must in their world for self-care! 

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